Scholarship Application Information
Are you a blogger? Passionate writer? Photographer? Youtube content creator?

We're looking for social media and creative superstars in the current round of The Global Society Foundation Scholarships.
Application Dates

Applications are now closed.

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Eligibility Criteria
In order to apply for a scholarship, a student must be:
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Living in Australia
  • Currently studying at an Australian university within Australia (i.e. not an offshore campus) and be enrolled in a non-research degree (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate-by-coursework degree).
  • 18 years or older at the time of their experience.
You are not eligible to apply for a grant if your overseas study activity concludes within 1 month of the relevant application deadline.
Eligible Activities
All types of international study experiences are eligible to be funded as long as the experience involves an educational institution overseas and can count as a component of an Australian course. For example, eligible activities include (but are not limited to):
  • Semester exchanges at universities
  • Language programs
  • Short courses or summer/winter programs at universities, language schools or technical education institutions abroad
  • Study tours that spend time at a partner university
  • Internships or clinical placements that also involve interaction with an educational institution (such as a university or teaching hospital).
Application Process
Step 1: Click the button below to open the application form.

Step 2: Complete the prompts on the online application.
After You Apply
Students will receive confirmation that their application has been received.

Once the application deadline has passed applications will be assessed by a panel of reviewers.

Successful applicants will be advised by both phone and email, and will then be required to provide:
  • Proof of citizenship – passport, proof of citizenship or birth certificate.
  • Confirmation from their home institution that they will be participating in the experience and evidence that their overseas experience will count towards their Australian degree requirements.
Scholarship Conditions
If you're selected as a Scholarship winner, there are a few responsibilities you will need to undertake!

These include writing content for The Global Society to use in student guides and pre-departure courses.

You will also be asked to engage in our Facebook student community by facilitating conversations and sharing your experience.

The details of these will be discussed with you further if you are a scholarship winner.

“I have had a number of “first-time” experiences over my first month, including my first day of class for the semester which also coincided with my first ever time seeing snow fall from the sky. Walking to class with the ground covered in white powder is something I will never forget.”
Lachlan Arthur
Global Society Foundation Scholar + Valerie Hoogstad Scholar Award Recipient