Terms and Conditions
The Global Society Foundation Terms and Conditions
By submitting an application to The Global Society Foundation you affirm that:
 1. Your responses in this application are true and correct.
 2. If your application is successful, you will undertake your overseas study experience as per your application. Any variation from your proposed experience must be confirmed with the The Global Society Foundation.
 3. Your application must be commenced within 12 months of being accepted as a Foundation scholar.
 4. Should you fail your overseas study experience you will be required to reimburse your scholarship to the The Global Society Foundation.
 5. You grant the Foundation permission to share your application and personal information with members of the assessment panel, your home university in order to validate your application and assess your eligibility for a scholarship, and The Global Society Pty Ltd.
 6. The Global Society Foundation is in no way responsible for your overseas study experience, any information related to it and is in no way responsible for any of the costs you incur whilst overseas.
 7. You will maintain an appropriate level of behaviour whilst overseas. Failure to conduct yourself with an acceptable level of behaviour will result in the cancellation of your scholarship, which must be reimbursed.
 8. You are responsible for any dependents, any travel arrangements, credit arrangements with your host institution.

9. If successful, The Global Society Foundation and/or The Global Society may use you and your experience as a ‘success story’ profile for the purposes of the website, media releases and other public relations.
 10. Whilst overseas you will submit a number of brief ‘updates’ to the Foundation, including photos, which the Foundation may use for social media and public relations purposes, and a testimonial once you return which highlights the benefit the scholarship in particular had on your experience.
 11. Upon your return you will actively contribute to the goals of the Foundation by helping to promote overseas study experiences to other students.
 12. By submitting this application you hereby irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless the Global Society Foundation, its servants and agents in respect to all and any claims, actions, demands or suits which you may have or which you may have had against The Global Society Foundation.