About Lachlan...
Lachlan Arthur
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Global Society Foundation Scholarship Recipient 2016​​​​​
Valerie Hoogstad Scholar Award Recipient 2016

Lachlan Arthur is a student at the Australian National University.
He completed a se
mester abroad in Zürich, Switzerland.
Here you will find a series of updates written during his exchange program. Read on as he tackles courses in neuroscience, cancer, genetics and cell biology as well as an inten
sive German language course! Throughout his journey as he also ticks destinations off his bucket-list and is invovled in some really incredible things outside of his studies!
A month of first times in Zurich.
My first month living in Zürich and studying at the ETH has been nothing short of incredible.  I was lucky to arrive to an awesome bunch of housemates who made me feel at home straight away.  Zürich, and the ETH in particular, has a reputation as being extremely diverse and our house reflects that with Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, China, Indonesia and Australia represented between the seven members of the house...
Half Marathons in the Swiss Alps & a Trip to Budapest!
Before I applied to go on exchange 12 months ago, I knew I’d miss my family, the familiarity of studying at ANU, and be extremely jealous when I saw my friends back at college having a good time (observing O-week via Snapchat was particularly hard).  This in mind, I put ETH Zürich at the top of my list because of its reputation as one of the best scientific institutions in the world and because of the opportunity it would give me to work in some incredible labs...
Celebratory Post-Marathon Macarons in Paris and Campervan Adventures in Italy.
Top spot this month was reserved for the moment I crossed the finish line of the Paris Marathon and fulfilled a dream that had been months in the making.  With preparation starting when I ran my first marathon back in November last year in Adelaide, followed by months of training throughout the Swiss winter as well as fundraising for Operation Smile Australia, the moment when I crossed the finish line really was a culmination of everything that I have prioritised over the last 6 months.  Along with the 43,000 other runners that competed, I was dealt a scorcher of a spring day in Paris with temperatures close to 30 degrees...
All Good Things Must Come to an End
June rolled around I knew the end of my exchange was near. Now that I am home in Australia and can reflect on my time away I can certainly say the last month of my trip was by far the most hectic. The last of my four research projects saw me work at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a research institute shared by many of Switzerland’s universities and hospitals located halfway between Zurich and Basel...
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